The economic impact of the Ravencoin asset layer

Many volunteers have donated their time and energy to work on Ravencoin. Not only by writing code for first and second layer solutions, but also to test (new) features, mining main & test net…


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Wrapping Up

Release It! Second Edition — Pragmatic Programmers (14 / 143)

👈 Pragmatic Architect ure | TOC | Part 1 Create Stability 👉

Software delivers its value in production. The development project, testing, integration, and planning…everything before production is prelude. This book deals with life in production, from the initial release through ongoing growth and evolution of the system. The first part of this book deals with stability. To get a better sense of the kind of issues involved in keeping your software from crashing, let’s start by looking at the software bug that grounded an airline.

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👈 Pragmatic Architect ure | TOC | Part 1 Create Stability 👉

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