My Super Power at Work

My last job assignment came with its own skill set. A cog in a huge business organization, I was the executive office manager to the top senior VP. Every company has its own pecking order. Basically…


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We Are The Ocean


No undertow can bring us under.
No waves can crash our shores.
No rip tide can take down our sandcastles to the sky.

Because we are the waves.
We are the ocean.

And we can tap into its strength.
We can use its power to float safely and sincerely through this ocean that is the very life force flowing through us.

So don’t fear the waves.
Don’t fight with them.
Don’t oppose them.

When we defend against the waves, we feel out of control.
When we feel out of control, we feel we are being tossed around by life.

We may not drown, but we suffer.
We end up exhausted, out of breath, and with motion sickness.

Instead, see yourself as part of the ocean, embracing the waves, receiving them, and allowing them to caress every inch of your being.

You are made of the ocean, my friend.
Trust it and surrender to it.

When you realize this is your true self, you cannot get pulled down by anything. All suffering can vanish.

Just swim with whatever current comes your way, and know you are already home-free.

Because you are one with the ocean.
And the ocean is one with you.

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