Mamba Mentality

When Kobe dropped 81 points on the Toronto Raptors in 2006, something changed. I knew he was a superstar and world class talent, but this game made me see him in a new light — as a basketball god. He…


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She convinced landlords to take in families who lost everything after Hurricane Harvey.

These days, she’s hyper-focused on housing the most vulnerable, storm-impacted populations in Houston.

Many aren’t eligible for FEMA assistance and don’t have flood insurance. But Sara was able to find 400 homes for survivors who had nowhere to go after the storm.

She recruits landlords in Houston to let Harvey survivors rent their apartments for at least six-months via Coalition-provided rental coupons. Sara will never forget finding her first apartment for a family with a small child.

By late October, a single mass shelter for Hurricane Harvey survivors remained in Houston. It was set up inside a shuttered Macy’s in a mall on the edge of the city.

Sara spent a lot of time there, determined to find apartments for as many people at the shelter as she could, as quickly as she could.

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