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The strategy behind these tasks which we designed under full of hard work and deep discussions where we faced bit conflicts as well because of some opposition to perceptions of fellows but we…


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Disrupting Art Museums with Tech

Why in 2017 museums still have audio tours? That is something I still ask myself every single day. We know that Museums need to Engage and attract their audiences efficiently, at the end a museum without visitors like a theater without an audience, but their current audiences perhaps are looking for something different.

To do this, I believe that it is important to understand the desires of the visitors, the communication channels that they prefer, and the experience they are seeking while visiting the museum. Of interesting note, speaking with younger visitors aged between 18–35, we found that many felt the museum information was too high-level to understand, decreasing their enjoyment of the museum.

Our Team Discussing User Interaction

Museums like any other business or institution need to create a sustainable future. That means taking care of their core assets and collections, but also ensuring the museum continues to be relevant and valuable to future generations. Technology has a vital role to play in reaching visitors, but also in creating a more immersive and inviting experience where visitors are encouraged to return.

DeFrame UI

In the end, for Art Museums to stay relevant have to consider both technology pull and technology push, but always considering the relevance and current need of their audience. If they ask for something perhaps is time to stop ignoring and start listening, users are always right.

Our team at DeFrame want to put their mark in reaching that goal. Technology will eventually change the way we behave and interact with museums; we are aiming to be one of the catalysts that will push the museum industry to a prosperous financial future by working hand-in-hand with advances in tech.

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