Disrupting Art Museums with Tech

Why in 2017 museums still have audio tours? That is something I still ask myself every single day. We know that Museums need to Engage and attract their audiences efficiently, at the end a museum…


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TCS Recruitment process

TCS digital might be open for all collages this year unlike TCS digital 2018 where just the approved colleges were allowed for the TCS Digital Recruitment process. So, if you are from college or institute which isn’t approved, then you better start your preparation for the recruitment process.

TCS will be conducting TCS Ninja and TCS digital in 2019 to recruit 2020 pass outs. Last year TCS picked up 30000 freshers through the TCS Ninja qualifier test and barely 400 candidates. The lesser number of intakes through TCS digital were attributed to the difficulty of the coding sections of the recruitment.

TCS expected to increase the fresher intake this year by 10–20% through both TCS Ninja and TCS digital 2019. TCS might also open up the TCS Digital recruitment for unaccredited colleges that means that the competition will get much more cut-throat and the ratio of candidates getting through the recruitment process to the number of candidates applying for the recruitment process might be less than last year.

The most exciting news for the student is that the CTC is likely to have an escalation of 3.3 LPA, which was offered to students who went through the Ninja recruitment process last year. Payment packages are expected to increase significantly for both Ninja and Digital 2019. This could lead to a drastic increase in competition, as TCS will become a more lucrative career option for newbies.

Choose your work profile between the two available profiles. The two profiles are IT or BPS.

Now you have to fill all your primary details very carefully, such as the name of your university, the title, the identification of the email and your mobile number. Fill in all these details and click send. After clicking submit, you will get your reference ID and password in your email ID.

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