Writing Queries with Schemas

When we looked at queries in the last chapter, we deliberately chose to write them without schemas. This is still a good choice in some circumstances, but schemas provide some helpful shortcuts and…


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Entrepreneurship Project


The strategy behind these tasks which we designed under full of hard work and deep discussions where we faced bit conflicts as well because of some opposition to perceptions of fellows but we eliminated that negative mindset of each other and decided one feasible decision and met our desired goals effectively. While accomplishing these tasks we learned how to focus our main goals despite some irregularities in understanding between us. We built the empire of our understanding on one point and achieve our goals to fulfill

The 2nd task which we accomplished is the last part of the foster’s module. The purpose of this project to train our youth to develop their own business under a small amount of investment and earn a profit. This task actually designed to enhance their skills regards leadership, teamwork and mutual understanding and create an opportunity for their own business on a small level.

In this task, we need to check the analysis and feasibility of our desired product for marketing. And choosing a suitable business on a small level. Which may accomplish fulfill in the market. We need to study a lot of aspects regards the interest of our public and check the feasibility under some deep survey which we cleared through mutual discussion with our team which designed by foster faculty. Then after a lot of discussion with our fellows with their different mindsets and by a discussion with another friend we got a one suitable decision and then we take the next step and start our business on a small level.

بٹ چنا چاٹ، بٹ چنا چاٹ،
جہلم دی چاٹ

اک واری کھاو گے،
تے بار بار آو گے۔

The name designed behind this task actually decided because of our fellow @ArslanButt. He took the responsibility of managing the material of chaat Ingredients and the business regards foodstuff also very popular in urban areas of gujrat. Like Butt karahi, Butt Tika Shop, etc.

These are all outcomes occurred after full of discussions and deep analysis. Anyways we made of the catchy poster of our business.

We made a package at a suitable and affordable cost. Because we kept our focus particularly on students of those surroundings. We decided to charge Rs 50/- per plate and ALHAMDULILLAH this decision effectively worked.

In this business, we earned a 55% profit. We bought all ingredients on Rs 1100/- because we merged 2 groups together 550 per group cost occurred and earned Rs 2600/- only in 3 to 4 hours.

At the end of this blog, I must say thanks to my class fellows and respected teacher Mr. Engr Usman Masood who came on our startup point and appreciated us for our efforts regards entrepreneurship.

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