6 tips to naturally eliminate skin tags

Skin tags are benign growths that are located in various regions of the skin. Although they are harmless, there are those who prefer to eliminate them. Find out how. A wide variety of tips for…


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Pet Friendly Summer Vacations

Summer Travel With Pets

Do you want to travel with your four-legged friend this summer? We’ve got you covered with these pet friendly vacation ideas!

Prior to travel, make sure your pets are in good health, have up-to-date vaccinations, and that their tags/microchips have the correct information. Before you fly with your pet, read all relevant airline and airport pet policies.

If you’d like to take your dog camping with you, do your research on the campground’s rules and regulations about pets. Some campsites allow only certain sized dogs, some allow all dogs, and some don’t allow any. Check for any pet-restricted areas of the grounds, like creeks, ponds, and rivers.

It may come as a happy surprise that many hotels are pet friendly — especially a lot of big chains. You’re nearly guaranteed to find a least one in whatever destination you choose for your vacation. Simply Googling your destination locale + “pet friendly hotels” will show you myriad options. Consider looking into Airbnb’s, lots of which invite animal visitors. Travel sites like Expedia.com can also help you find the best match for your and your pet travel partner.

Whichever horizons you set off on during these “dog”-days of summer, we hope you enjoy the journey. We’re willing to bet it’ll be even more special if you’ve got your furry friend by your side!

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